Saturday, August 30, 2008


Sitting here doing nothing. I remember the poem I wrote when I was in third year high school. People do come and go. Some people may inspire you and touch your lives. Some people may ruin your day and give you the best headache you will ever have. Whether you had a good or bad experience with them one thing I’m sure of is that they are part of what you are now and what you have become. Let me share this poem to you.

A message to a Friend!

In every words I say, in every actions I do
I always thank my friends, for having me in their group
They are the person who’s always there
Cheering me up when it comes to pain
They serve as a wall that I can depend
Every time I fall and driving insane

I cannot forget a friend like you
Who’s been my inspiration for one whole year
I cannot forget those memories
When I’m with you in laughter and in tears
It’s hard to say good bye to a friend
But I know someday we will meet again and say