Sunday, September 7, 2008

So Pissed! scammers on the loose

Nakakagigil talaga ang mga walang kuwenta at walang magawang mga scammers na yan.two days ago may na received akong e-mail na galing sa isang engr.brown washington na nag o-offer ng trabaho as a nanny sa U.K.So ang lola mo nag reply naman agad to let them know na interesado ako.Aba naman ikaw na ang bigyan ng offer na 550 pounds per week di mo ba pag iisipan??sympre go na why not diba..excited pa naman ako.Nag send ako ng resume, benefit of the doubt of letter tungkol sa dapat gawin na kesyo may travel agency sa U.K na mag pa-process ng visa at ipa-padala nlang dito sa embassy natin after ma process don.At imagine ako raw ang kelangan mag bayad ng processing fee for my visa at i rerefund na lang ang full amount na nagastos ko pag dating don.hmmmm kakaiba diba?? tapos ang nangyari naka received ako ulit ng e-mail ibang tao naman nag hahanap din ng nanny at same info ha divorced sya with two kids,job description at carbon copy ang drama sa sulat.Well ano pa ba ang gagawin ko syempre ang magtanong sa best friend ko si google..ayon nga ang lintik lumabas na scam at Nigerian ang mga scammers na to. Ang nakakatawa kase parehong pareho lahat ng info at story iniiba lang nila ang pangalan at amount ng salary.akalain mo na para mag mukhang kapanipaniwala e nag iiwan pa ng address at contact number.
nabasa ko sa isang forum sa google na pag kumagat ang bibiktimahin nila ang kunyaring travel agency ay manghihingi ng 300 pounds for processing at ipapadala mo through western union.mag e-email si kunyaring employer para sabihin sayo na naipadala na nya ang necessary documents para sa visa mo.ang explanatin bkit nigeria?kasi raw mahirap mag approved agad pag sa u.k galing kaya yung branch nila sa nigeria ang mag pa-process weird pag nag padala nga si kawawang nilalang good bye makatuwid namigay ka ng 300 pounds.kung babasahin nyo ang forum tungkol sa scam na to makikita nyo na marami na rin silang nabiktima. sabi rin sa google kadalasan e wrong grammar sila hehehe..hayz muntikan na ko don..buti na lang andyan si at ayoko mag bayad no...hahaha

letter 1:
How are you? Thanks for the reply to my job offer and the interest in
my family.I would like to see your Curriculum Vitae (CV).Truly i need
a foreign Nanny and would be offering 550 pounds per week.I know that
there are a lot of Nannies in the UK here but its just that i need a
Nanny from outside,Asia to be precise that is caring,loving,motherly
carefree and well determined,that can take good care of my kids for
me but with the recommendation from you and that is the more reason I
may need your services,hopefully you will be my kid's Nanny and do
according to your words.

I reside in Lewisham,London and do not get worried about any
documents(work Permit and Visa),a travel agency here in the UK will
handle that for you as per your visa just scan&send the copy of your
international passport and CV through email to them,they will apply
for visa on your behalf in the UK Home Office and when the visa is
ready the UK Embassy in your country will call on you so that they can
endorse the visa on your original passport.If you have any other
traveling agency you could also use that.

I love my kids so much and would not toy with them.They are the apple
of my eyes.I work because of them and am willing to pay any amount to
give them the best in the world.You would be needing to settle the
Visa Procurement yourself because i paid for 2 Nannies in the past
few months which they did not turn up but went somewhere else after
their visa was approved and that is why i vowed that any Nanny that i
will employ will make half of expenses by himself/herself.Hope you
understand how i mean.I need a very serious person and the job is
available right now.Also,i use to have a Nanny that came from
Asia(Filipino) and she spent 2 years with us,but she got married and
relocated to the United states,so i need a replacement ASAP.

Your duties are as follow:

1-Supervise breakfast with the children in the morning and get them
off to school (Collect my 2KIDS of ages 12yrs and 6yrs old from school
at 3.40pm.)
2-Some Housework/washing/ironing as required on a daily basis
3-Supervise homework, music practice and fun activities or take
children to after school activities.
4-Prepare and cook an evening meal for everyone at about 6.30-6.45 Up
to two evenings child minding per week.
5-Weekends and Bank holidays would be free that there will not be much
duties to carry out.

I normally leave for work at 7.00am and get back at around 6.30pm
although some flexibility is useful.

I am offering a live-in position for two years with full board (we eat
well in this house!)
1-Separate Toilet and Bathroom.
2-TV,different types of video machines.
3-Personal computer already Internet on.
e.t.c for you and i will make sure everything goes on well with you,
with my kids.

Don't worry about the United Kingdom,it's a nice place to stay and i
hope you will enjoy staying here with my family and you will have the
access to internet, In fact i have a personal PC at home for myself
but my kids usually play games on their own PC, i will get you a
computer to start using for your own use.All expenses made by you will
be refunded immediately you get here.If you would be using the travel
agency i would be recommending i would email you the contact address.

Do get back to me as soon as possible and we take it from there.

Engr.Brown Washington

Letter 2:
Hello how are you doing thanks for the response permit to say that you CV is very impressive,i hope you took your time to go through my previous mail were detailed explanation of the job and my past experience were well explain base on that.I've attached some conditions to the job. have to shoulder your traveling expenses. have go through a recommended traveling agency here in the UK for your visa and work permit application.

Please you have to understand am doing this to prevent a repeat of what happen to me in the past cos from my past experience i now come to realize that most of this job applicant have relatives and friends in the UK and they prefer to be with there friends and family member instead of reporting for the job so am using this method as a means to add some commitment to the job.Hope to hear from you soon.


Letter 3:
Hello how are you doing thanks for the note am also confuse from the content of your mail,a friend of my got a nanny from this similar means and she doing okay,it was my friend that advise me to use similar method by posting the job listing on a dating site let me assure you that this all process is real and legal my lawyer had already written a contract paper to given the all process a legal backing.Hope to hear from you soon.


Well sa last letter ko ang sabi ko sa kanya???? looks like a Nigerian scam...your busted dick head nyahahaha...Hindi na nag reply.just wanted to share.This will also serve as a WARNING!

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Shawie said...

hahaha! they're the number 1 most professional thief here in the US, they're very good at it:) beware!